Detangling Slicker Brush

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Perfect for pets with short and wiry coats

Oakwood's detangling Slicker Brush is ideal for removing tangles, collected dead hair, and dander while stimulating and distributing healthy oils.

Oakwood ergonomic brush design is easy to use with a easy 'Click & Clean' function that makes cleaning up after grooming a breeze.

Perfect for use before bathing. Ideal for dogs with short, wiry and tough coats. Also suitable for cats.

Brushing Regular brushing will maintain the healthy natural oils in your pet’s coat and avoid severe tangles and mats.

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Suitable for

  • Short, wiry and tough coats
  • Removing very stubborn tangles, collected dead hair and dander
  • Use before bathing

How to use this product

Gentle brush in the direction of the coat to remove debris. Then brush against the coat grain to discard dead hair. Click to clean the brush head frequently during use.

Tips for varying coat types:

Thick Curly Coats: Use even brush strokes through the thickness of the hair to clear underlining matts and tangles.
Wiry Coats: Initially brush in the direction of hair growth, then brush in the opposite direction to remove stuccorn matts and tangles.
Long Haired Coats: Brush the coats in section, in the direction of hair growth. Be sure yto use long and light strokes to avoid hair breakage.
Harsh Outer Coats and Soft Wooly Undercoats: Focusing on a small section at a time, part the hair and brush in light strokes in the direction of hair growth.